World's First Potato Fry Museum Opens in Bruges

Now visitors to Belgium can indulge in frites with a side of education.

Nov. 1, 2013— -- Whether you know them as French fries, pommes frites or chips, a potato fry by any other name would smell as delicious. And now the popular starch has its own museum.

Belgian Eddy Van Belle and son Cedric have opened Frietmuseum, the first museum in the world dedicated to the history and culture surrounding the salty snack, in Bruges.

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"Over the years, fries have become known worldwide and enjoyed by adults and children in practically all countries, and so we can be proud that they actually originate from Belgium," Van Belle told the Daily Mail. "This is why it is not only normal, but absolutely necessary that the first potato fry museum should be opened in Belgium."

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Encompassing two floors of the Saaihaile, the oldest building in Bruges, Frietmuseum includes exhibits dedicated to the origin of the potato in Peru and the creation of the specialty food in Belgium -- though other countries such as France and Spain have disputed that over the years, taking credit for themselves.

Other items on display include antique potato cutters, beloved condiments and various photography. On the menu inside of the Frietmuseum restaurant?

Fries. What else?