100-Year-Old Man Allegedly Kills 88-Year-Old Wife, Then Commits Suicide, Prosecutor Says

NJ authorities say they had a history of domestic issues and he had dementia.

Michael Juskin appeared to have killed his wife Rosalia with an ax while she slept, according to Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli, who tweeted about the case.

Molinelli tweeted on Monday night that the Juskins had a "history of domestic issues." The bodies were found early Monday after a relative who was not at the home at the time of the incident called police, The Record reported. A family member had called 9-1-1 at 8:40 a.m. on Monday morning after discovering the bodies, Molinelli said in a statement.

"The caller went to the residence to check on the two after family members were unable to contact them and became concerned," the prosecutor's statement today read.

Autopsies conducted today by the Bergen County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that Juskin murdered his wife with an ax while she lay in bed before taking his own life by cutting his wrists, Molinelli said.

Elmwood Park Police Chief Michael Foligno told ABC News they have one record of an incident for the couple from 2013. Foligno said it was a non-violent case of “domestic harassment,” but there were no arrests or restraining orders.

A family member reached by ABC News declined to comment saying she was "too distraught" to make a statement.

Neighbors said they saw the couple periodically outdoors, when Rosalia would be tending her garden and Michael would walk his dog. Neighbor Barbara Szczecina told The Record said she last saw Rosalia sitting on her front porch at 10 a.m. Saturday.

"She used to be in her garden all the time," Szczecina told the newspaper. "They were always together, putzing around outside."