12-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Steals 'Big Blue' School Bus for Joyride

Good Samaritans said the driver appeared to be too young to have a license.

— -- A 12-year-old boy allegedly stole a “big blue” school bus and went on a brief joyride that was caught on camera before being stopped by two good Samaritans, according to police.

The incident occurred Wednesday in Bangor, Maine, but the video was uploaded by police Thursday evening.

The clip, just over a minute long, shows a bus swerving side to side as opposing traffic drives by before the bus stops at an intersection, where the video stops.

John W. St. Germain III and his girlfriend, who were in their vehicle behind the bus, saw it being driven by someone who appeared too young to have a license, according to the Bangor police department's Facebook page.

"These two, followed the bus and called the police department. She gave a great description and we were on the way," the statement said. "The description was, big blue bus with a kid driving. We knew exactly what to look for."

St. Germain waited until the bus stopped at the intersection before getting out his car and boarding the bus, taking control of it, police said.

Authorities say the 12-year-old boy was taken into custody, adding in a statement that "[police] urge everyone to keep their hands to themselves, leave other people's things alone and be kind to one another. We will be here!"