All 17 Public Schools in Fairfield, Conn., Under Lockdown After 'Threat of Violence,' Police Say

About 10,000 students are going to be dismissed early, police said.

— -- All 17 public schools in Fairfield, Connecticut -- with about 10,000 enrolled students -- went into lockdown this morning after an "unverifiable threat" of violence, according to police.

The lockdown went into effect after a series of phone calls were made to the schools around the town, indicating a "threat of violence," Fairfax police said at a news conference today.

Emergency services personnel immediately took steps to secure the schools, police said, adding that all schools in the area, private and public, were now safe and secure and that all students and personnel were safe.

All 17 of the schools are going to be dismissed early today around noon because of the major disruption to the school day, police said. Out of an "abundance of caution" all after-school activities, including home and away sports games, have also been cancelled, police added.

All children will be required to go through a process of reunification with parents, which could take several hours, according to police.

As of Oct. 1, there are approximately 10,058 students enrolled in Fairfield Public Schools, according to the school district's website.