29 Reasons We Can't Wait for Spring

PHOTO: Washington Nationals starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg, right, greets catcher Jhonatan Solano, left, after their bullpen session during spring training workouts on Feb. 16, 2014 in Viera, Fla.
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Sure, it still FEELS like winter, and a really bad one at that, but spring is coming, though it's still 29 days away. To hasten its arrival, we’re counting down the 29 signs that winter is ending. Think of them as crocuses peeking through the snow –- metaphorically, if not literally.

1. Baseball

Spring training! After all, winter in Florida feels like spring in the rest of the country. Those lucky major leaguers.

2. Sunlight

Days are getting longer. Yay! Commuting isn’t shuttling back and forth in the dark anymore!

3. Good riddance to seasonal drinks

Everyone is sick of “seasonal” drinks at Starbucks. Sure, those gingerbread lattes sounded good in December, but by February the world has moved onto grande black coffees.

4. V-day sale candy

Valentine’s Day candy is on sale at drugstores. Pro tip: stock up the boxes now for future apologies.


And we’ve moved on to Peeps and Cadbury Eggs. Pro tip: stock up on them now to treat your Seasonal Affective Disorder.

6. Clothes

Spring collections are out -- an nary a down jacket to be found.

7. Weddings

Wedding invitations are pouring in. Good thing they sent you those “save the date” magnets back in fall.

8. Midterms

College kids are taking midterms. Which is followed by ...

9. Spring break

Spring Break, woohooo! On second thought, maybe the residents of Florida aren’t so lucky.

10. 5Ks

Time to register for 5Ks. Or at least get ready to contribute to your coworker’s walkathon.

11. No mo' snow

It’s scientifically impossible for it to snow anymore. Hasn't been proven yet, but it FEELS right.

12. Warm temps

This week, temperatures are warming up. Wow! 53 degrees!

13. No more foggy breath

Which means our breath will stop being visible. Kids will stop all looking like little chain-smokers.

14. Farewell, dog booties.

Small doggies are starting to sweat in their little snow booties. Awwwwww.

15. Sale on coats

It’s that perfect time of year when jackets AND swimsuits are cheap. Sales! Sales! Sales everywhere!

16. Workout season

Magazines are telling you how to get a “perfect bikini body.” Okay, they always do this, but now even more so.

17. Prom

Pick out your prom dress, high schoolers. But know that someday, they’ll look as cheesy as '80s prom dresses do today.

18. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is sending out teaser trailers. Winter is ending!

19. Movies that are ... meh.

Movie quality is down. Sure, you can still see Oscar bait, but you can also see "Vampire Academy."

20. Summer blockbuster trailers

But summer blockbusters are rolling out ads. Apparently there is going to be another Godzilla movie?

21. Stir-crazy people

An epic case of cabin fever. Another two months of winter and the human race might go extinct.

22. Dwindling flu

Flu numbers are dwindling. Which means pollen allergy numbers will soon rise.

23. No more X-mas lights

Christmas lights are down from shop fronts. Except for those few crazy stragglers who keep them up year-round.

24. Summer music fests

Summer music festivals are announcing their line-ups. Outkast, Muse, Arcade Fire, and that stoner you had a crush on in college will all be there.

25. Girl Scout cookies.

Girl Scout cookies! Girl Scout cookies! Girl Scout cookies!

26. Buh-bye, New Year's Resolutions

People have given up on their New Year's Resolutions. Did you hear me? I said GIRL SCOUT COOKIES.

27. No more sale flights

Flights are no longer on sale. Stay the heck in Dodge.

28. Taxes

Taxes. Hey, not everything about spring is fun.

29. Socialization

You’re actually starting to socialize again. Good-bye, Netflix! Hello, actually seeing people besides your coworkers!

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