32-Year-Old Man Arrested in Connection to Arson at Florida Mosque, Police Say

Police matched a motorcycle seen in surveillance video to one at the man's home.

The St. Lucie Sheriff's Office arrested 32-year-old Port St. Lucie resident Joseph Michael Schreiber Wednesday afternoon after multiple tips pointed to him, Maj. Dave Thompson said.

That day, the St. Lucie Sheriff's Office released surveillance video showing a possible suspect. The video showed a man arriving at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce on a Harley-Davidson-style motorcycle at about 11:38 p.m. Sunday.

The video shows the man approaching the video before a flash is seen. He is then seen running from the building while appearing to be carrying a "paper and a bottle of some type of liquid," police said in a statement.

After receiving more than one tip that directly identified Schreiber as a suspect, police obtained a search warrant for his home, where they found a motorcycle consistent with the one in the surveillance video, Thompson said. Investigators also say they collected evidence at his home that linked him to the crime, police said, but did not elaborate on what that evidence was.

The blaze also occurred three months after the Orlando massacre on June 12 and on the same day as the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

Schreiber was known to law enforcement at the time of his arrest, Thompson said, and qualifies as a prison release re-offender,which would impose a 30-year minimum mandatory sentence. He also qualifies as a habitual felony offender and could ultimately be sentenced to life in prison.

Thompson said Schreiber's criminal history includes armed robbery, and a inmate release information on the Florida Department of Corrections website shows that he was convicted of petit theft in 2010 and grand theft in 2007. He was incarcerated from March 28, 2008 to July 6, 2009 and again from June 11, 2010 to Aug. 8, 2014.

Schreiber was being interviewed by police at the St. Lucie County Jail as of Wednesday afternoon, Thompson said. It is unclear if he has entered a plea or obtained a lawyer.

ABC News' Catherine Thorbecke contributed to this report.