911 Call Released in Fatal Florida Shooting

Authorities release the 911 call by Robert Bosso's girlfriend.

Robert Bosso was coming home from dinner with his girlfriend when they were attacked last month. In the 911 call, his girlfriend can be heard pleading for help.

"I need an ambulance," his girlfriend told the 911 dispatcher. "Someone shot my boyfriend."

According to authorities, a group of masked men attacked the couple in the parking lot of their apartment complex.

Bosso managed to wrestle away a gun pointed at his girlfriend's head so she could escape and find help, family members said. While she escaped, Bosso, 28, was fatally shot.

"He was doing what most people in his position would have been doing,” said Orlando Police Det. Michael Moreschi. “Somebody pointed a gun at the head of his girlfriend and he tried to protect her and got killed for it."

A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the attackers.

"The act of the feckless coward that you aligned yourself with when he shot Robert Bosso to death has now put your life and your future on the line and you need to think about that," said Moreschi.