Crime Blotter: Alleged Thief Leaves Name and Number for Police

An alleged thief leaves his name and phone number at the crime scene -- twice; a couple gets caught having sex in a shoe store; and an ex-inmate allegedly charges a jail for his love life. Law enforcement and crime are almost never love matches in "The Crime Blotter."

Theft Suspect Leaves Name and Phone Number -- Twice

LATROBE, Pa. -- An alleged thief violated a cardinal rule of Robbery 101: Never leave your contact information at the scene.

And Latrobe police say Bradley Hightower violated that rule twice. According to investigators, Hightower left his name and phone number at two places where he had applied for jobs -- and stole money.

Earlier this month, Hightower allegedly took a cash box while applying for a job at Rolling Hills Industry. Police said they easily tracked him down because he had left his phone number on the job application. When confronted, police said, Hightower confessed to the theft and returned the cash box with the money inside.

Hightower allegedly made the same mistake when he applied to be a volunteer at a local hospital this month. Police said some hospital employees noticed that their wallets were missing after Hightower had filled out work applications. Again, Hightower left his name and number on the paperwork, enabling police to find him. Hightower, police said, confessed after authorities called him and returned the money.

Hightower has been charged with theft and receiving stolen property in both cases.

Caught in the Act of Advanced Footsie

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- A police officer responding to a burglar alarm at a shoe store did not find a robber but interrupted a couple playing advanced footsie instead.

Authorities say an officer responded to the alarm at Hacienda Western Wear on Oct. 19 and found Pauline Grace Rainwater, 20, and Brandon Lee Clark, 18, naked and having sex. The officer tapped on the glass door, interrupting the couple. Clark, police said, was able to cover himself with one hand and wave at the officer with the other.

Rainwater and Clark allegedly told the officer that they got caught in a rain shower and sought cover by breaking into the shoe store. According to the police report, the couple fled the store after they dressed. They were arrested after the officer called for backup.

Rainwater and Clark face charges of burglary, resisting an officer and indecent exposure. Their bail was set at $7,500 each.

Man Allegedly Charges Dating Fees to Jail

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. -- An ex-convict looking for love found trouble when he allegedly charged his online dating fees to the jail where he had stayed.

David Wroten had been an inmate at the Madison County Jail in Illinois and received a check for cash he had when he was released. Authorities said he used the jail's account number to pay the membership fee for an online dating service.

The money was electronically transferred from the jail's account to the dating service. A bank official thought the transaction was unusual and alerted jail officials. A sheriff's deputy logged on to the dating service's Web site and found Wroten's picture.

Wroten has pleaded guilty to financial fraud. He has been placed on two years probation and must repay $39.95 to the jail.