Crime Blotter: McDonald's Flasher Arrested

A picture's worth some prison time for three Atlanta robbers; chicken pot pie is a recipe for disaster for one motorist; and a McDonald's fast-food flasher does not get Super-Sized. This week's edition of the Crime Blotter is barely fit for consumption.

Mugging for the Mug Shot

A T L A N T A — Mugging for the camera led to mug shots — and prison — for three robbers.

Last week, an Atlanta jury convicted Michael Lee Merritt, 18, Wendell Mackey, 20, and Darnell Robinson, 22, of armed robbery, hijacking a motor vehicle, firearm possession and other charges stemming from a December 2001 robbery.

Police say the three attacked a man at gunpoint outside his apartment, then went inside and robbed him of clothes, DVDs, and a PlayStation 2 game system.

Merritt, Mackey and Robinson then took the man's sport utility vehicle and took snapshots of themselves with a disposable camera while they drove around in their stolen getaway car. They left the camera in the car afterward and when authorities tracked down the stolen SUV, they used the camera — and its photos — to charge and ultimately convict the trio.

"They basically convicted themselves," said Fulton County prosecutor Chris Toles.

Perhaps it's a safe assumption that Merritt, Mackey and Robinson were not ready for their close-ups when they mugged for the camera.

Busted for Chicken Pot Pie

R A T O N, N.M. — A new kind of chicken pot pie turned out to be a recipe for jail for the driver of a tractor-trailer.

A man was arrested March 6 when an officer from New Mexico's Motor Transportation Division found 1,240 pounds of marijuana in a load of frozen chickens in his tractor-trailer rig, authorities said.

The truck was headed for the Midwest when it was pulled over near Raton, N.M., as part of a routine traffic stop, police said. The officer uncovered the marijuana during his search.

Authorities have not released the name of the driver.

The Case of the Fast-Food Flasher

N E W B R I T A I N, Conn. — A McDonald's drive-through window worker was less than impressed when a Connecticut motorist flashed her at the takeout window.

James Rondini, 28, was arrested March 3 after he allegedly drove through a McDonald's fast-food pickup lane with his pants unzipped and exposed himself to a 19-year-old woman who was working at the window.

Police said Rondini exposed himself on two consecutive mornings. In both incidents, he placed his order and then had his pants open when he drove up to the window and paid for his food, police said.

Maybe Rondini was trying out a new pickup line, or maybe he was making a last attempt to get his McDonald's meal Super-Sized. Instead, he was charged with public indecency and breach of peace.

Rondini is free on bond and due back in court on March 17.