June 16, 2010 — -- Statement by Nancy Seltzer on Behalf of the Dugard Family


It has come to our attention that Kenneth Slayton is attempting to petition the court to establish paternity and we wish to avoid the terror of a process server for Jaycee Dugard and her mother Terry Probyn. We are therefore affirming that Terry Probyn told Mr. Slayton when she learned she was pregnant that he was the father and again when Jaycee was born. He showed no interest..

The police advised him when Jaycee was kidnapped and again he showed no interest. Terry Probyn asked the FBI to arrange a meeting with Mr. Slayton and herself after the kidnapping and the FBI found him uninterested. The Eldorado Sheriff's department interviewed him and he again showed no interest. At no point did Mr. Slayton offer any assistance beyond what was requested of him while Jaycee was missing.

Terry Probyn has never denied that Kenneth Slayton was the father. Rather it was Mr Slayton who showed no interest for the first 29 years of his daughter's life.

It is now Jaycee Dugard's turn to express her feelings and she has no interest.

She does not wish to see Mr Slayton or his family at this time.

Jaycee reserves the right to reconsider at a later date.

DNA does not make a family!