21 Air Canada Passengers Injured by Turbulence, Flight Diverted to Calgary

Twenty-one passengers were taken to local hospitals.

Flight AC088 landed in Calgary at 5:23 p.m. EST, the statement said. Out of the 25 passengers assessed by EMS, 21 were taken to local hospitals for non-life threatening injuries.

Seven passengers suffered more serious injuries to their necks and backs, Calgary EMS Spokesperson Stuart Brideaux said.

One passenger was sent to a children's hospital, Brideaux said. It is not clear if he or she was one of the seriously injured. Two 11-year-old girls and one 12-year-old boy were among the passengers transported to local hospitals.

Fifteen ambulances were on the scene, Brideaux said. EMS Calgary had about 40 minutes notice that the flight was being diverted.

Air Canada teams are making arrangements to accommodate the remaining passengers, including those who are continuing on to Toronto, Air Canada said.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating the incident, spokesperson Julie Leroux said.

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