Al Sharpton Meets With Sony's Amy Pascal Over Hacked Emails

Civil rights leader met Amy Pascal to urge increased diversity in Hollywood.

"The jury is still out with where we go with Amy," Sharpton said at a news conference after his meeting with Pascal.

That was not enough for Sharpton, however, who said that she called his advocacy organization, the National Action Network, as soon as the inappropriate remarks were released.

"I said to her at that time that the climate and environment of Hollywood only confirms the type of language that was used in those emails," Sharpton said today.

"Being that Hollywood is an environment that still resembles 1950s America, it is a context that confirms the language," he said.

"Our interest is in changing Hollywood ... seeing to it that Sony is on the right side of changing Hollywood," said Mark Morial, the president of the National Urban League who appeared alongside Sharpton during today's new conference.

Both men concluded their comments by condemning the hack itself, with Sharpton slamming the "dangerous precedent" that was set by, what Sharpton described as a foreign government being able to "manipulate and bully the American corporate structure."