American Airlines Flight Turbulence Lands 5 in Hospital

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Two separate flights were diverted Tuesday after one plane encountered turbulence so severe that five on board had to be hospitalized and another plane's cabin filled with fumes that made several people sick.

Two flight attendants and three passengers were taken to the hospital after American Airlines flight 1780, bound for Miami International Airport, encountered turbulence shortly before landing.

The Boeing 757 had 185 passengers and six crew members on board when it took off from Aruba Tuesday afternoon, according to a statement from American Airlines. The airliner said the plane encountered "moderate" turbulence about 30 minutes before landing in Miami.

Twelve people sought medical attention in the gate area inside the airport.

Witnesses say the shaking was so severe that passengers were flying out of their seats.

"When I closed the door, the airplane started jumping around," said Javier Silva, 8, who was in the bathroom when the turbulence began.

Javier's mother slammed her head on the airplane's ceiling as she tried to reach her son in the bathroom.

"I never felt something like that in the past with the noise and the bumps," Leandro Silva said. "You just think that it's going down."

The turbulence lasted for 15 seconds while the plane was making its initial descent. American Airlines said the seatbelt sign was on at the time of the turbulence and nothing on the radar indicated that turbulence was in the area.

That wasn't the only trouble over the skies Tuesday night. A US Airways flight on its way to Rome was diverted to Philadelphia after several people were sickened by fumes aboard the aircraft.

Five crew members were taken to a Philadelphia hospital after they became nauseous from an unknown odor on board after taking off from North Carolina.

"At approximately 10 p.m. we received a notification that US Airways Flight 720, which was scheduled from Charlotte to Rome, was going to divert to Philadelphia, because individuals were exhibiting signs of illness. I believe nausea," said Victoria Lupica, spokeswoman for Philadelphia International Airport.

US Airways spokesman Bill McGlashen said the five crew members were transported to the hospital for observation and no passengers needed any medical attention.

McGlashen said a new crew will work the flight to Rome.

ABC News Radio contributed to this report.