Arizona Police Officer Resigns After Being Caught on Video Punching Woman in the Face

An Arizona police officer resigned over a video made public in November.

— -- An Arizona police officer who was caught on video punching a woman in the face while making an arrest has resigned before the police department terminated him, ABC affiliate KNXV reported.

Officer Jeff Bonar of the Flagstaff Police Department committed six policy violations, including the use of excessive force, during the Nov. 16 incident, according to officials.

In the video, a woman can be heard repeatedly saying she did not do anything wrong and asking if there is a warrant for her arrest.

"You cannot arrest me until I know that I have a warrant," the woman says, while two Flagstaff police officers continue with the arrest.

Someone is heard on the tape saying, after Bonar strikes her, "Hey, you can't hit a girl like that."

After a few seconds, the woman starts crying, and the officers continue with the arrest.

"You're going to get tased," one of the officers is heard saying. "Get on the ground."

The video of the incident was shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook.

Bonar was placed on administrative leave while the department investigated the incident.

Flagstaff Chief of Police Kevin Treadway said in November that the video "clearly depicts" Bonar striking the woman "in the face with his fist."

"I am as concerned about what is depicted in the video as I know many others are," Treadway added.

Bonar had been with the department for just under three years.

Bonar filed a report on the incident indicating "that he was kicked and that he was kneed in the groin prior to the strike occurring," Treadway said.

The woman, identified as Marissa Morris, denied striking Bonar.

There are no criminal charges against Bonar at this time and no outstanding charges against Morris.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.