Baby Llama Rescued After Found Wandering Oklahoma City Turnpike Roadside

The little lost llama was found covered in dirt and mud.

— -- A baby llama was rescued after found wandering a highway in Oklahoma City.

Commuter Chris McCall said he was on his way to work Thursday morning when he spotted the little lost llama on the side of the Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma.

"There she is, probably about 10 feet off from the turnpike," McCall told ABC affiliate KOCO. "You know, when you saw it, it looked frail and fragile, just sitting on the side of the road watching the cars go by."

The baby llama was covered in dirt, McCall added. He said he decided to take it home because he couldn't leave an animal all alone, "especially [when] you can tell it's a baby."

McCall was feeding the young llama milk supplements via a baby bottle on Thursday, and the young llama has been exploring and getting cozy in its new home in Yukon.

A spokeswoman for the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division told ABC News that they received calls about the llama on the turnpike, but an officer dispatched to retrieve the llama said it was gone by the time he arrived there.

The department is currently working to connect with McCall to pick up the llama, have it seen by a veterinarian and to either find its owner or a new proper home, the spokeswoman added.