Baby Panda Caught on Adorable Video Clumsily Taking His 1st Steps at Belgian Zoo

The tiny fuzzball adorably tries to lift his legs as he wobbles along.

In the video, the black-and-white fuzzball, who is 3 months old, can be seen wobbling and clumsily trying to lift his little paws as he attempts to slink forward.

The Belgian zoo shared a video earlier this week of the cutie's online diary, which was started June 2 when he was born.

"I think I learned a new trick ... I still need some practice, but I think I understand how to stand on my four legs now ...!" the baby panda wrote in a diary entry. "I’ll keep you posted!"

Zookeepers have been calling the cute cub "Baby P."

But on Wednesday, the zoo launched an online poll for the public to vote for an official Chinese name for "Baby P."

The five names to choose from are: Tian Bao (Heaven's Treasure), Xing Hao (Good Star), Ou Xing (Star of Europe), Hua Li (China and Belgium) and An Tuan (Peace and Unity).

The three names that receive the most votes will be forwarded to the zoo's panda team, who will make the final choice.

According to The Associated Press, "Baby P" is a particularly special cub because panda births in captivity are extremely rare. Austria and Spain are the only other European countries where the gentle giants have been born.

It is believed that fewer than 2,000 pandas remain in the wild, according to the AP.