Baltimore Protesters Arrested for Defying Curfew

Police arrested people who refused to leave the streets.

— -- Baltimore police Friday began arresting people who defied a citywide curfew, including several at City Hall.

Most people complied with the 10 p.m. curfew, but those who resisted were met with swift police action.

Live television coverage of the remains of a protest at City Hall just after the curfew went into effect showed a line of police, carrying shields, move in and take several people away, The Associated Press reported.

Baltimore Police spokesman Sgt. Jarron Jackson said that there were 53 arrests made Friday - 38 were protest-related and 15 were for curfew violation.

Baltimore police tweeted that protesters remained at War Memorial Plaza "in violation of the curfew," and had been warned that officers were arresting protesters who refused to leave, the AP said.

The AP reported that a more jubilant crowd gathered at the Pennsylvania and North avenues intersection in West Baltimore, the heart of Monday's upheaval, as the curfew approached.

Meanwhile, a helicopter warned people that they were subject to arrest as some danced on a truck in the middle of the intersection.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.