Bartender Wins Lottery With Cash He Found on the Street

Hubert Tang bought two lottery tickets and won $1 million.

— -- A California bartender has won the lottery, all thanks to cash he found on the street.

After Hubert Tang picked up a $20 bill on the street outside the San Francisco airport Wednesday, he went to a market in San Mateo County, the California State Lottery said.

Tang hadn't played the lottery in 10 years, according to the Lottery. But he used the $20 to buy two tickets -- one of which was the lucky winner of the top prize -- $1 million.

“I scratched the ticket outside of the store," Tang said, according to the Lottery. "I told my friend who I was with that I didn’t know if it was real but, 'I think I just won a million dollars.'

“Maybe I'll start leaving $20 bills on the street in random places," Tang said jokingly according to the Lottery.