How to Get the Best Price on a Christmas Tree

Shop around to score a deal.

— -- Thanksgiving is over and Christmas decorations are already hanging. It's time to get that tree!

Christmas tree prices vary depending on size, species, where you buy it and when you buy it, Rick Dungey of the National Christmas Tree Association told ABC News today.

"There are so many variables," he said. "If you're shopping by price, shop around because you're going to find a wide variety of prices."

"Some places have flat rates, some charge so much per foot," Dungey added.

Laura of Laura's Christmas Trees in New York City told ABC News customers should also know they can haggle.

"We have a tree for every budget," she said.

Trees might be a little more expensive this year, according to the Associated Press, but Dungey said it all depends on who's selling the trees.

Growers will make about $20 per tree, which is $2 more than the last several years, Bryan Ostlund of the Pacific Northwest Tree Association told the Associated Press.