Aspiring Pop Star 'Black Madam' Wanted for Questioning in Fatal Butt Injection Case

'Black Madam' called her songs so 'lustful satan couldn't resist'

February 14, 2011, 4:10 PM

Feb. 15, 2011 — -- The woman wanted for questioning in the case of an illegal butt implant procedure that left a 20-year-old British woman dead is a transsexual performer who goes by the stage name "Black Madam," say Philadelphia police.

The "Black Madam" has been on the lam since last Tuesday, when Claudia Aderotimi, a 20-year-old British woman, died after receiving illegal buttocks injections at a Hampton Inn in Southwest Philadelphia.

British papers, including the Daily Mail, reported that Aderotimi wanted a career in show business and sought the implants to boost her chances of being a "video girl."

A search of the home belonging to Padge Victoria Windslowe, the so-called "Black Madam," turned up silicone, ABC station WPVI reported.

Windslowe, an aspiring musician who sings what she calls "black Goth," enlisted the help of Philadelphia photographers to try to launch her career. Her Facebook page shows that she has more than 1,000 fans.

Jim Graham of Jim Graham Photography estimates that Windslowe spent $40,000 to $50,000 on a two-day video shoot at his studio last November.

"She was so professional, soft-spoken, nice, not demanding. I'm quite surprised this is the woman they're looking for from what we know of her. Her attention to detail was amazing," Graham said.

The aspiring pop star, who lists her influences as Michael Jackson and Grace Jones, spent 13 hours on the first day of her shoot. Her second day of shooting was 18 hours long, Graham said.

"It was Michael Jackson meet the SS. She was dressed like an SS soldier from 1940s Germany but glittered out like Michael Jackson. The whole set, instead of having swastikas, had two X's that were red," Graham said.

In the pictures, the "Black Madam" is standing behind a podium wearing a skimpy uniform. The podium has a sign that reads "world domination." An army of scantily-clad models wearing thigh-high red boots and sunglasses stand to the Windslowe's side.

Pictures from the shoot also show the "Black Madam" posing on a crucifix and wearing revealing black lingerie.

She told Graham that she was going to fly to Florida to edit the music video.

The picture of a professional, determined musician is very different from the experience photographer Jessica Lark had at the beginning of last year. Lark said that the "Black Madam" acted like a "diva" and stiffed her $2,000.

"She told us she was an upcoming hip-hop artist and had tens of thousands tied up in promotions. She wanted to be Lady Gaga and be everywhere at once," Lark said.

She had "ridiculous amounts of shoes and jewelry, and everything was a couple of sizes too small for her and very Playboyish. We were there for about 14 hours and she spent half of that on hair and makeup," Lark said.

Black Madam: 'Work so Lustful That Satan Couldn't Resist It'

The pictures were for Windslowe's "Come On in My Kitchen" music video. The video is described by Windslowe on her website as a "surreal audio visual tale of the consequences of desire...a woman so infatuated with a love interest that she's willing to go as far as to delve into the mystical realm of voodoo and witchcraft to win his love."

Lark said that the "Black Madam" frequently said her work "was so lustful that Satan couldn't resist it."

When Lark confronted Windslowe about not paying for the shoot, Windslowe threatened her and her children, Lark said.

"The thing that really got me is that she had one of my images up that I had taken of her, and on Facebook she had the title underneath that said she was backstage at one of her concerts in London," Lark said.

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