Body Found of American Surfer and Teacher Missing in Waters of Indonesia

Daniel Bobis disappeared Sunday after surfing a 10-foot wave in Sumatra.

July 26, 2011, 3:04 PM

July 28, 2011 — -- The body of missing American surfer Daniel Bobis has been found in Indonesia.

Local fisherman found the body of the New York teacher who disappeared on Sunday after surfing a 10-foot wave. A member of the search and rescue team said the body was found 20 miles from where Bobis was last seen, according to the Associated Press.

On the Daniel Bobis Info Facebook page, Jamie Imerese wrote that Bobis' family was informed last night that a body had been found up the coast by a fisherman.

"They immediately traveled together in hopes that it was a coincidence. ... It was not. They positively identified Danny," Imerese wrote.

Family, friends and students have flooded the Facebook page with condolences messages for the family.

Helicopters, divers and boats had been searching Indonesian waters for Bobis, who disappeared while on a surfing vacation with his wife.

Bobis' surfboard washed ashore after he surfed a 10-foot wave. It is believed another surfer's board hit him when he came out of the wave's barrel.

His wife, Rachel Bobis, believed he would wash up farther down the beach and come back to their camp. When he didn't, she began to worry.

Rachel Bobis and a few others searched for the next 11 hours until rescue teams could reach the remote beach off the coast of West Lampung, Sumatra.

Daniel Bobis, 32, a math teacher at Long Beach High School in New York, had been passionate about surfing ever since he was a child.

"He's surfed countless huge spots all over the world. He's the first in the water, the last out. He'll surf for eight hours straight," said close friend Sean Pearsall, who met Bobis eight years ago while surfing.

Pearsall said his friend was a huge activist in the surfing community and this year established the first high school surf team in New York state, for which he serves as head coach.

Both Bobis and his wife have traveled all over the world looking for waves. "Surfing is their life," Pearsall said.

But they were also ready for bigger things. "This was their last big trip, and they were planning on starting a family next year," Pearsall said.

As Bobis' father and stepmother travelled to Indonesia to help with the search, his family at home prayed for his return.

"He's a great young man, even-tempered and well loved by all of us," said his aunt Carmen Bobis. "We would've liked for him to have chosen a sport that's not as dangerous as the one he chose, but this is his passion and we have to accept it."

On Facebook, Bobis' cousin Fernando Bobis thanked supporters for the comments and wrote about his cousin, "He was always a... glowing spirit while here with us on Earth. I imagine they must all be having to wear some serious shades up in Heaven where his spirit now glows even brighter. Thank you all for your heartfelt support, prayers & love, on behalf of the family."

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