Bomb-Sniffing Dog Finds Suspicious Package at Boston's Logan Airport

Photo: Suspicious package found at Logan: Suspicious Item Discovered At Delta Cargo AreaABC News
Authorities gather at Boston's Logan International Airport where a suspicious package was found in the Delta Airlines cargo area.

Investigators said the contents of suspicious luggage found at Boston's Logan International Airport were "harmless," after the bomb squad x-rayed two duffle bags and evaculated a cargo terminal.

A sniffer dog hit on the two duffle bags with a Nigerian return address late Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators said a magazine for a weapon was found in one bag, which caused the dog to alert its handler.

Policeset up a secure perimeter around the Delta Cargo terminal. They x-rayed the bags, before giving the all clear.

After x-raying the package, investigators determined it was a "low level threat," Orlandella said, without elaborating.

The airport's passenger terminals were not evacuated and are about 1 mile from the cargo building.

Orlandella said the suspicious package was discovered by a trained sniffer dog during a routine check of cargo.

No injuries have been reported.

The incident comes on the heels of an international warning that Al Qaeda plans to use cargo planes to transport bombs, hidden in objects like printer toner cartridges, to carry out small and inexpensive terror attacks.

More 2 million people are expected to fly tomorrow, the day before Thanksgiving.