Boston on Track for Record-Breaking Snowfall This Winter

Boston is on track for record-breaking snowfall this winter.

— -- So far over 77 inches of snow has fallen for the season in Boston -- that’s nearly 3 feet above normal, with the average being 43.8 inches. That makes it the snowiest season to this date in recorded history, and already the ninth snowiest season overall.

The snowiest season ever was the winter of 1995-1996, when Boston got 107.6 inches. If we stay at this pace, that record could be broken. Over 40 inches of snow has fallen in February alone -- the third snowiest February on record -- even though we're less than half way into the month.

As seen in the chart above, it’s the snowiest 14-day, 20-day and 30-day periods on record. Boston got 6 feet of snow in 30 days -- that's a first.

Boston has had two top 10 snowstorms in just two weeks. The blizzard of 2015 that happened on Jan. 26-27 dropped 24.4 inches ranked No. 6 of snowfalls on record. The most recent storm ended at 23.8 inches, ranking in at No 7. So far, Boston has had three calendar days of 12-plus inches of snow this winter, and those were all record-setting, happening about a week apart. This has never happened before, the highest was only two days of 12-plus inches snow in one season.

We could be looking a multiple day stretch of extremely cold temperatures from Friday to Monday. Temps may not see above freezing for many locations during this time frame. Even high temperatures will be up to 30 degrees below normal through the weekend. Make sure to cozy up and keep warm with that special someone this Valentine's Day, especially if you live in the eastern half of the country.