Bystanders lift crashed car off trapped pedestrians in video

The car crash in Washington, D.C. was captured by a nearby taxi driver.

After a car jumped the curb and crashed into several pedestrians in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, a group of bystanders rushed to lift the car off victims trapped underneath the car.

A video captured by a parked taxi driver showed the silver Chevy Malibu crashing into a pole and running over the people.

The passengers stumbled out of the car, one woman screaming as she checked on her young son who was riding in the back seat.

The trapped pedestrians appeared to be frantically waving for help and screaming as the incident unfolded.

About a dozen people rushed to lift the car’s rear end off the four people who were trapped underneath, according to ABC affiliate WJLS in Washington, D.C. The four people sustained critical injuries and were transported to the hospital.

The woman riding in the passenger seat, who did not wish to be identified, recalled the incident.

"I’m six months pregnant, we ran over people-two women were stuck under the car," the woman told WJLA. "I’m glad there were enough people out here to physically lift the car to get them from under it."

The crash was caused by the driver of a pick-up truck who cut the Chevy Malibu off while making a left-hand turn, police said.