Car Ax-cident Shatters Passenger's Nerves

Ax flies through car windshield and blade lands on dashboard.

July 30, 2014, 3:14 PM

— -- Motorists driving down a Massachusetts highway today were rattled when an ax came flying through the windshield.

The ax, which had not been properly secured by the dump truck in front of the vehicle, went halfway through the window, according the Massachusetts State Police. The ax blade rested on the dashboard on the passenger side of the car while much of the handle stuck out of the windshield.

The frightening incident occurred shortly before 11 a.m. today as the car traveled on Route 95 in Topsfield, Mass. The passenger in the car, who was not identified, "was shaken up," but not injured, a police statement said.

Trooper Joseph Risteen of the Newbury Barracks responded to the accident and the truck driver, who was identified only as being from Peabody, Mass., was fined $200 for failure to secure cargo.

Officers with the Massachusetts State Police hope that the incident serves as a tale of caution to drivers to properly secure items they are carrying like tools, bicycles, canoes and furniture. It was also a reminder, police said, to follow the speed limit. The driver in the incident had been going a legal 65 mph, and officers noted that if the car had been traveling above the limit, it would have increased the ax's impact and been a possibly fatal situation.

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