Caught on Camera: Woman Allegedly Held at Gunpoint Successfully Fights Off Attackers

Police are looking for two young men who allegedly attacked Jasmine Warren.

— -- Atlanta police are searching for two males who allegedly attacked a woman Saturday night and attempted to steal her car.

Video surveillance at a gas station shows Jasmine Warren giving money to a homeless person, and as she turns around, Warren is rushed by two young men with what appear to be guns.

The video shows the young men hitting Warren in the face, triggering her fight-or-flight instincts.

"When I looked into that little boy's eyes, I could see fear just as much as I was scared," Warren told ABC News of coming face-to-face with one of the young men.

On what made her fight back, Warren recalled, "It was kind of shocking to them, like, oh my god this girl's fighting me back. Why?"

Both of the young men then allegedly jumped into her vehicle and tried to drive off, but Warren opened the door, reaching for the gun near the driver's seat and then her keys.

"I yank the keys down. Key breaks in the ignition. The car was no longer accessible for them to move," Warren said

Apparently expecting an easy take, the young men gave up on the car, and allegedly took Warren's cell phone instead, fleeing the scene, she said.

Warren told ABC News, "I'll say my life was spared 'cause I could have been shot. You never know."

She continued: "I think that me giving money to that homeless guy was a part of that, too. I think that kind of helped me out."

The two young men were not found near the scene, according to Atlanta police, but they hope the video will provide them with a lead.