Church of Scientology International's Statement to ABC News Regarding Leah Remini

Church of Scientology Statement to ABC News

ByABC News
July 18, 2013, 2:35 PM

July 18, 2013 -- We are disheartened that a small group of rumor peddlers and gossips are being given another opportunity by the media to hurl malicious, made-up stories. Unlike the self-promoters behind this orchestrated campaign, the Church respects the religious beliefs of others and the privacy of parishioners. Numerous myths, gossip, rumors and falsehoods regurgitated over the last few days have their origins with a small collection of obsessive fringe bloggers exploiting others to promote self-serving hateful agendas.

Scientology is a new religion enjoying explosive growth. In recent years we have opened 37 new Churches in major metropolitan areas and cultural centers in a dozen nations. This year will see many more milestones in the months to come. Mr. Miscavige is a visionary who has brought our Church through the most difficult time of any religion—the passing of its founder—to a Church dedicated and committed to parishioners and the achievement of its religious, social and humanitarian missions on a global scale.

Our Churches are open seven days a week and many have public display areas to answer questions about the Church. Many of those questions can also be answered at our website,

As for your specific questions, they are insulting and offensive. Mrs. Miscavige continues her work in the Church as she always has. The stale rumor being circulated by unreliable bloggers about her was answered definitively by her counsel a year ago and published in Us Magazine and The Telegraph in the UK, as you can see here:, and here:

We do not expect you to take this matter up as it is truly out of line.

As for Ms. Remini, we have previously supplied our comment: The Church respects the privacy of parishioners. We do not believe an individual's private spiritual matters should be exploited for personal gain by a handful of self-promoters who surface to spout the same tired tabloid myths.