Close Call on Camera: School Bus Narrowly Misses Train

Students posted the close-call to social media where school officials saw it.

— -- A Texas school bus filled with students made it past railroad tracks just before a train barreled by, in a terrifying moment caught on camera.

The frightened Klein Oak High School students recorded the Feb. 10 incident on their phones. Videos capture the students' shrieks as their bus comes within inches of the train.

There were 42 students on board and no one was injured, the school district told ABC News today.

The incident was brought to the attention of school administrators after students posted the close-call on social media.

The driver told school officials the students were too loud for the bus to be driven safely, according to a statement from the Klein Independent School District. The driver was then suspended, according to the statement.

The investigation then "revealed that the driver did not follow standard procedures when crossing the railroad track with the train coming in the distance," the school district statement said. "The bus driver is no longer employed by the district."