New Clues in Police Officer Death Still Leave Unanswered Questions

Fox Lake police Lt. Charles Gliniewicz was killed on Sept. 1.

— -- Investigators are still dealing with unanswered questions in the death of Fox Lake, Illinois, police Lt. Charles Gliniewicz.

The investigation team revealed today that Gliniewicz was killed using his own service weapon.

Gliniewicz was found dead Sept. 1 after he radioed in a call that he was pursuing three men on foot.

Lead investigator George Filenko compared the first shot to a "sledgehammer" as it hit Gliniewicz from the side and incapacitated him. The second and fatal shot entered in the "upper left chest region."

The investigator stressed more than once that Gliniewicz's case is an “active homicide investigation” but when asked whether suicide was still a possibility, he said “nothing is off the table.”

The results of gun-shot residue tests were also released but these only deepened the mystery: The tests indicate that either Gliniewicz discharged his firearm or his hands were close to the discharged firearm.

"In layman’s terms," explained Filenko, "the weapon could have been fired by [the officer] or he could have been in close proximity of the weapon being fired."

Filenko said the tests have been "inconclusive."

Filenko noted that nine pieces of DNA evidence were recovered from the scene, though he did not specify whose DNA was recovered. This evidence could be submitted for comparison on CODIS, a national data base of offenders.