The Conversation: Losing Weight in the New Year

VIDEO: One man shares his success of the ?Humiliation Diet?
WATCH The Conversation: Losing Weight in the New Year

Among the millions of resolutions Americans make every new year, perhaps there's no more perennially popular goal than losing weight.

From gym memberships to weight loss shakes to exercise DVDs, plenty of products promise to help people get in shape, but an increasing number of people are turning to an unique form of support -- social media.

In pursuit of those News Year's goals, folks are tweeting out their food diaries, even their body weight. They're posting pictures of their progress, getting positive re-enforcement from followers and friends.

VIDEO: One man shares his success of the ?Humiliation Diet?.Play

Drew Magary, a writer for the website, had phenomenal weight loss success with what he called the "Public Humiliation Diet," posting his weight every day for his friends and colleagues to see. Along with controlling his diet and moderate exercise, the threat of embarassment helped Magary to lose 60 pounds in just five months.

"If you've gone through trying to lose weight so many times in so many different ways, it's almost the last thing," Magary said. "It's like, all right, fine, I finally have to admit that this is my weight, and I have to make myself publicly accountable for it every day."

Magary labels his tweets daily with the hashtag "#tweetyourweight" and plenty of others have also jumped on the trend. There are even internet-connected scales that automatically post weight on Twitter.

"If my weight went down, people who know me would be like, 'Oh, well your weight went, down! Nice going!'" Magary said. "If my weight went back up, they'd be like, 'Oh, hey! You're fat again, tubby!'"

So for those needing a new twist to tackle a familiar resolution, peer pressure from online friends could be the kick that helps them get moving.

And, Magary added, "the joke is that people are almost always usually supportive."

Magary spoke with ABC's Andrea Canning today for a Conversation on the humiliation diet and weight loss. We hope you'll watch.

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