Cops Search Computer of Missing U.N.H Sophomore, Elizabeth Marriott

VIDEO: Family, friends distribute fliers as police search Elizabeth Marriotts computer, cellphone
WATCH Search for Missing University of New Hampshire Student

Police are searching the computer and cellphone records of a missing college sophomore, hoping to find leads in a mysterious disappearance that has gripped a New Hampshire college town.

An army of volunteers are fanning out today around Dover, N.H., posting missing person fliers and searching for signs of 19-year-old Elizabeth "Lizzi" Marriott.

Volunteers plan to distribute 2,500 fliers today alone, according to family members.

Marriott, a marine biology major at the University of New Hampshire, was last heard from on Tuesday after texting a friend that she was on her way to another friend's home.

"Police are trying to gather any information they can from her computer, her laptop and phones. They want to know who she was communicating with and see her last messages," said Anthony Hanna, Marriott's uncle with whom she lived in Chester, N.H.

"[The police] have leads they're working on. I can't say too much because they're not telling us who they're looking at necessarily, but they're going through her stuff and her contacts," Hanna told ABC News.

Hanna said he did not believe police had any one person in particular they were focused on and did not rule out that Marriott may have been involved in an accident.

"We're not ruling out that she was an inexperienced driver and may have just driven off the side of the road. It's quite a distance. And we're trying to coordinate a search," he said.

Marriott was last heard from at 8:55 pm on Tuesday. She did not show up for work at a Target on Wednesday or attend class on Thursday. Her cellphone appears to be off or dead. She commuted to school from her uncle and aunt's home.

The family is offering a $10,000 reward for information.

"She was a very good student with a pleasant personality," said Hanna. "She volunteered at the aquarium and wanted to be a marine biologist. She's a sweet kid and a very pretty girl with a lot of enthusiasm and was excited about earning her degree."

According to a missing-person poster provided by the Chester Police Department, is 5-foot-5 and 130 pounds. She drives a tan Mazda Tribute SUV.