Couple and Kids Stranded in Truck on Mt. Hood Talk of Their Ordeal

The family members walked through waist-high snow to get help.

— -- A couple and two children who spent a night stranded in their truck at 3,000 feet near Oregon’s Mount Hood have spoken of their ordeal.

Ally Baluta, 18, her fiance, Jose Correa, 20, and Correa's two younger brothers, ages two and five, had planned to spend Saturday sledding in the snow near Mount Hood. But when the truck’s four-wheel drive had problems, they found themselves trapped in deep snow in an area that has had more than 40 inches in recent days.

They spent a freezing night huddled together inside the truck with no cellphone reception and the truck's rear wheel buried in four feet of snow.

“It was scary,” Correa told ABC News, “I was, like, ‘Oh, geez. What are we going to do’?”

“We ran the truck all night, for heat,” he said.

Baluta recalled feeling "very scared" but trying to stay strong for Correa's younger brothers.

"I’m not trying to show it as much so the kids don’t get scared," she said. "I was just on and off crying."

When the group did not return home, the mom of the three brothers, April Correa, posted the family's last known location on Facebook, asking anyone on the mountain to look for them.

“This is every mom’s worst nightmare,” April Correa told ABC News.

Baluta and Jose Correa decided to try to walk out Sunday afternoon, but the snow was waist-deep and they had to carry the kids.

“If I would have panicked, they could have panicked, too,” Jose Correa said, “So I was calm, I was … telling them that everything was going to be okay.”

Correa is reaching out on social media to find and thank the snowmobilers who helped them.

“If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know, we’d probably still be out there,” he said.