Denise Huskins' Attorney Says She Was Not Involved in a Hoax

PHOTO: Denise Huskins, 29, was found in Huntington Beach, California, police confirmed to ABC News.PlayCourtesy Mike Huskins
WATCH Police Adamant Denise Huskins' Kidnapping Case Was Hoax

The attorney for a California woman who was reported abducted but found safe two days later said Thursday that she was not involved in a "hoax."

"She is absolutely unequivocally, 100 percent, positively a victim and [there is] no 'hoax,'" said Huskins' attorney, Doug Rappaport.

"She's distraught, she's emotionally and physically broken," he said.

Police in Vallejo, California, said on Wednesday they found "no evidence to support the claims" that Denise Huskins was abducted from a home before she was found alive two days later and more than 400 miles away. The Vallejo home from which Huskins, 29, was reportedly taken belongs to Aaron Quinn, 30. Vallejo Police Lt. Kenny Park said the two were dating.

Huskins was questioned for at least six hours, according to her attorney.

"She's fully cooperated with law enforcement with the hope to clear her name," he said.

Quinn's lawyer, Dan Russo, also denied that Quinn was involved in a hoax. He said Thursday that Quinn has "cooperated fully with the authorities," including in a 17-hour interrogation and seven visits to the police station. Russo said there was more than one kidnapper, and that Quinn was drugged and bound.

Police said that Quinn told authorities that Huskins' abductors made a $8,500 ransom demand.

The San Francisco Chronicle on Wednesday reported it received an email the day before from an "anonymous person claiming to be holding Denise Huskins."

On Thursday, the Chronicle reported it received a second email from a person claiming to be one of the kidnappers and saying that said the abduction was real.

Vallejo police said in a statement that it would request either state or federal charges "if evidence indicates that either Ms. Huskins or Mr. Quinn have committed a criminal act."

"I'm assuming that any police officer or any district attorney will see there is no basis whatsoever to file charges." Huskins' attorney said.