In his Final Moments, Dallas Suspect Apparently Tried Scrawling Message on Wall

VIDEO: Timeline of Dallas Shooters Attack Starts to
WATCH Timeline of Dallas Shooter's Attack Starts to Emerge

Dallas sniper suspect Micah Xavier Johnson apparently wrote some lettering in his own blood on a wall where he was holed up and later killed at the shooting scene in the city's downtown, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said on CNN on Sunday.

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Brown said it wasn’t clear what Johnson had been trying to write but that investigators are trying to figure it out.

Brown also said that Johnson kept a personal journal filled with "quite a bit of ramblings," He did not elaborate on reports that Johnson's journal included combat tactics.

In addition, Brown confirmed that as Johnson negotiated with police during the shootout he asked to speak only to an African American negotiator. It was not clear from Brown's comments if police obliged this request.

The Dallas police chief said authorities have not ruled out if others were, in his words, “complicit” in the shooting rampage.

Brown commented on his decision to use a robot bomb to kill Johnson. “I’ll do it again given the same circumstances,” he said. “We believe that we saved lives by making this decision.” Critics of the decision “are not on the ground, and their lives are not at stake,” he said.