Diamond Ring for Charity a Gift or a Goof Up?

"We often find generous items during our donation drives," said CEO Chuck Day.

July 2, 2012— -- A little charity could go a long way. Or be a big mistake.

A fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House became a little more exciting when volunteers discovered a diamond ring in a stash of donated shoes.

The find occurred on June 28 when the San Diego Chapter of the children's charity held a a city-wide fundraiser called the Red Shoe Drive. As part of the drive, volunteers position themselves throughout the city holding a replica of the famous fast-food clown's red boots as a drop box for donations.

In emptying the boots, a volunteer discovered a gift inside the men's size 14 red shoe that was possibly too good to be true -- a diamond wedding band. The volunteer quickly alerted charity administrators.

"We often find generous items during our donation drives," said CEO Chuck Day. "So far, we can't tell if it was a mistake or if someone wanted to donate a ring."

It's believed that the ring may have simply fallen off as a donor was dropping money into the boot.

Day says that the charity has received about a dozen calls to claim the ring, but no one has come close to remotely matching the ring's description. Many of those who called were people who had lost their symbol of everlasting love, but none could be linked to the ring.

If it's a gift and not a mistake, Day says it wouldn't be the first time a southern Californian dropped a such generous donation. In 2010, the first year the San Diego Ronald McDonald House held the Red Shoe drive, someone put a pair of diamond earrings in the collection box.

"Last year, someone dropped ten $100 bills," Day said.

Donors are being urged to phone the charity if they think the ring belongs to them. The charity will hold the ring for at least six months before it is considered a donation.