Doctors Struggle to Heal Boy Allegedly Burned by Father in Acid Attack

Police find wounded boy in truck where twin sister's remains were hidden.

February 16, 2011, 6:24 PM

Feb. 16, 2011— -- Doctors are having difficulty treating a 10-year-old boy whose father doused him with acid, because they cannot determine precisely which chemicals were used to burn him. He was found in the same truck where the man allegedly hid the remains of the boy's dead sister.

The boy, Victor Doctor, is in critical condition at a Florida hospital suffering from burns below the waist. His physician, Dr. Walter Lambert, told a Florida court that the boy's condition is worsening because doctors have not figured out what chemicals they are trying to neutralize.

Police on Monday were called to investigate a pickup truck pulled over on the side of Interstate 95 near West Palm Beach, Fla. Inside the cab they found the boy and his father, Jorge Barahona, 53.

Both were covered in chemical burns and gasoline and overcome by toxic fumes.

Hours later, while cleaning the truck of toxic chemicals, they discovered the remains of Victor's twin sister, setting off an investigation into the children's adoptive parents and revealing missed clues that Barahona was abusing his children.

Barahona now faces charges of aggravated child abuse, with more charges likely to follow.

Barahona and his wife adopted two other younger children. All four children were foster kids before their adoption.

On Wednesday, a Florida court held a hearing to determine the custody of Barahona's two other children.

Judge Cindy Lenderman blasted the state's Department of Children and Family for not investigating the family further. Just days before the truck was found, the state received a call that the twins had been bound and abused.

"How could we have gotten a call to a hotline on Feb. 10 and a child died" a few days later, the judge said at the hearing.

Early Monday morning, police came across the red pickup truck Barahona drove for the exterminating company he owned. Inside the cab of the truck, authorities found Barahona and Victor. According to an affidavit, a Florida Highway Patrol officer found the father and son in the truck with an opened 5-gallon gasoline container inside the cab.

"The child appeared to be in respiratory arrest and trembling," according to the document. His clothing was soaked "with an unknown chemical."

Barahona and Victor were rushed to a hospital suffering from chemical burns. Several hours later, a hazardous-materials removal company was called to the scene.

Barahona remains in intensive care but has been able to speak with investigators.

It was while the truck was being cleared that investigators made a grisly discovery. An employee "was cleaning the truck when he moved a black plastic bag from the front of the bed… [He] observed a human limb within the bag," reads the affidavit.

"Further investigation revealed the bag contained a deceased human body."

It has been identified as Victor's twin sister, Nubia Doctor, 10.

Barahona told police from his hospital bed that he gave the boy sleeping pills and planned to set himself and the child on fire. It was unclear when he allegedly doused his son with acid.

The Department of Children and Family told that investigators received an anonymous hotline tip on Feb 10, just days before the incident. The caller said the twins had their hands and feet bound and were kept in a bathtub for punishment.

Investigators went to the home but did not see the twins or talk to the other children, it was revealed Wednesday in court.

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