Man Rescues Fawn From Street Grate

The fawn was stuck in a cattle guard.

— -- A fawn found herself in quite a predicament earlier this week after she got trapped in a cattle guard -- a barrier that stops animals from entering a gate or fence.

"The little fellow misjudged it, I guess, and fell in," Oklahoma Department of Wildlife game warden Phillip Cottrill told ABC News today.

Bystander Cody Hawk told ABC News that he spotted the trapped fawn as he was driving home from work. He called a friend, who works at the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife in Garfield County, seeking permission to free the fawn.

Once he got the OK, Hawk sprung into action, pulling the fawn out and setting her on the ground.

"She kind of wobbled for a second then she took off running," Hawk explained.

Cottrill shared a photo of the fawn taken by Hawk on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife game warden's Facebook page, writing, "If you find wildlife in a precarious situation by all means help it out if you can. If you're not able give us a call. Never pick up injured wildlife and take it home!"

"There a lot of deer out here," Hawk added, "but this is certainly something you don't see everyday."