Dramatic video shows police rescue baby allegedly kidnapped by mother's ex-boyfriend

George Arnold, 27, allegedly kidnapped his ex-girlfriend's 1-year-old son.

— -- Dramatic video captures the moment a shaking baby boy was rescued from his alleged kidnapper, who police say was his mother's ex-boyfriend.

Brittany Jackson of Atlanta told police her ex-boyfriend, George Arnold, 27, kidnapped her 1-year-old son and stole her car on Thursday, the DeKalb County Police Department said in an incident report.

According to the incident report, Jackson told authorities that she had told Arnold she didn't want to get back together, "and that's when he became violent and irate."

Jackson alleged that Arnold attacked her physically, and when she tried to defend herself, Arnold took her son and her car without her permission, police said. When Jackson later spoke to the authorities, she had a laceration on her face and blood all over her shirt, police noted.

Police said Arnold fled the scene and was involved in a hit-and-run accident. The car was later found at Arnold's mother's home, police said. Arnold was found there with the baby in his arms, police said.

Video shows police storm the scene. One officer screams, "Hands up!"

"You OK?" an officer says to the young boy, who is seen shaking in the video.

"Ain't nobody gonna hurt you," an officer says.

DeKalb County police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell told ABC News the baby was treated for hypothermia and was determined to be OK and released to his mother.

The boy's mother told ABC affiliate WSB-TV she is "happy to have him back and be at home."

Arnold was taken into custody on charges including kidnapping, automobile theft and battery.