Family Believes Missing Woman Leanne Bearden Left Voluntarily

Leanne Bearden traveled the world for two years, and then went missing.

Feb. 2, 2014— -- The husband of a 33-year-old woman who disappeared more than two weeks ago after returning from a two-year trip around the world says his wife was "anxious" about returning home and her family says there's a "strong possibility" she ran away.

Leanne Bearden, 33, was last seen Jan. 17 when she went for a jog near her in-laws' home in Garden Ridge, a suburb of San Antonio, Texas.

"She was having some difficulties adjusting back to life in the United States after being on the road and she was talking to some of her friends and they had also done similar things like that," her husband Joshua Bearden told ABC News.

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"Traveling around the world and seeing all these things and then coming back -- obviously she was anxious. I think anybody would be anxious in that situation," he added.

Bearden said Leanne told him she was going for a walk near his parents' home and would be gone for an hour. Leanne never returned and Bearden says she didn't bring a cellphone and had no more than $60 in her wallet and a backpack with a few energy bars. Her credit cards have still not been used.

"She's a budgeter, she could have stretched this money out. She could have stretched this out," Bearden said. "I hope that she's just taking a time-out or playing survivor-woman or something like that. That's actually what keeps me going."

Leanne Bearden's family posted a statement Thursday on a Facebook page dedicated to her, explaining she may have left voluntarily.

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"There is evidence that Leanne may have voluntarily left the area, and we understand this is a strong possibility," the family said.

"If Leanne has indeed fled this area, she is extremely vulnerable. She left with only a few assets and is traveling very light. Although she is athletic, she is small in stature. Her mental and physical status is uncertain. We fear for her greatly," the statement continued.

The statement didn't site any specific evidence, but two witnesses have come forward claiming they saw Bearden with a backpack the day she disappeared heading toward Interstate 35, according to her husband.

"She's never done anything like this before, which is really what has me scared and as far as her leaving and not coming back, that's never happened," Joshua Bearden said.

The couple was planning to move back to Denver to settle down after their trek around the world.

"There's no clues at all and I just can't believe it. Nobody just disappears like that," Joshua Bearden said. Meanwhile, Leanne Bearden's brother refuses to give up hope.

"Just know that we're constantly looking for you. We want you back. We miss you and love you," Douglas Hecht said.