Father Attacks Son's Football Coach Over Shooting Years Ago

PHOTO: A Google Street View image shows the football field across from Chief Sealth High School in Seattle, Wash.Google Maps
A Google Street View image shows the football field across from Chief Sealth High School in Seattle, Wash.

Sign up day for a youth football league in Seattle was interrupted when the father of one young player accused a coach of having shot him several years ago.

The incident occurred at an athletic complex shortly after the father signed his son up for the league on Aug. 27.

The names of the coach and the father have not been released by the Seattle police department, who responded to emergency calls from frightened parents.

According to the incident report, one of the witnesses told police "that one of the coaches, who goes by the name of 'Golden' heard [the father] yell out to [the coach] saying something to the effect of, "Hey, you're the dude that shot me!" In which [the coach] replied, "Ya, I shot you!"'

The incident report states the father, who the police view as the suspect in the case, then tackled the coach to the ground and began hitting him until the coach was unresponsive.

Witnesses screamed out that they were calling 911, scaring the father away.

"[Suspect] began to leave the field and head back towards the parking lot, yelling back at all of the parents saying things to the effect of 'I'm going to come back and shoot the whole place up!'" the report states.

Police then looked into the claims made by the father and found that he was listed as the victim in a 2010 shooting that took place at a now-closed sports bar, Jillian's Billiards. According to the 2010 police report, the father was shot in the right buttock. At the time, he declined to give police a statement or press charges. The police report does not name a suspect in that shooting.

Seattle Police Detective Patrick Michaud told ABC News that there is an open investigation into last week's incident at the football field, and police know the identity of both the victim and suspect, but they cannot charge the suspect with any crimes until they receive a statement from the victim. The coach has not contacted police and he was not at the scene when responding officers arrived.