Fla. Woman Allegedly Wanted 'Hit Man' to Put Ex in Wheelchair

Suspect backed away from original desire to have him killed, police say.

Jan. 27, 2011 — -- A Florida woman has been charged with solicitation to commit aggravated battery after she allegedly sought to arrange for her ex-boyfriend to be put "in a wheel chair or paralyzed from the neck down," authorities say.

Stephanie Jean Came, 21, originally wanted to have the man killed but allegedly told an undercover detective Wednesday that she just wanted him "scarred up," Osceola County Sheriff's spokeswoman Twis Lizasuain said today.

Police say they discovered on Jan. 20 through undisclosed sources that Came was allegedly interested in hiring someone to kill the ex-boyfriend.

The Wednesday meeting with the detective, who she thought was a hit man, was their second, after which she was arrested.

"During the initial meeting that the undercover detective had with the subject, she indicated that she wanted her ex-boyfriend killed," Lizasuain said. "They discussed the payment amount. It was supposed to be $500 down and $500 later."

At the first meeting, "the detective asked her if she was serious. He said, 'Call us again in a week or so if you still want to go through with it,'" Lizasuain said.

An Osceola County Police report notes, "The undercover agent continuously asked Stephanie if she was sure she wanted him to hurt [her ex-boyfriend]. She assured him that she was."

Police say Came called again Wednesday and scheduled a second meeting with the undercover detective. "During that conversation, the suspect indicated she no longer wanted her ex-boyfriend killed, but instead, in her words, 'scarred up,'" Lizasuain said.

According to the police report, Came "told the undercover agent that she wanted [her ex-boyfriend] roughed up. Stephanie described to the agent as wanting [her ex-boyfriend] to be in a wheel chair or paralyzed from the neck down."

Suspect's Motive Unclear

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Came "couldn't afford to have [her] ex-boyfriend killed so she offered $500 down to get him crippled," according to the Osceola County Sheriff's Office.

But Lizasuain said, "It wasn't a situation of money."

Her motive was unclear, Lizasuain added, noting that she did not know whether Came had a lawyer.

Telephone numbers for both of Came's parents have been disconnected.

Came's personal information such as address and phone number is blacked out on the police report. Suspected criminals in Florida are exempted from having their information released if they are victims of sexual violence or sexual battery, among other things.

The Sheriff's Office is not releasing the ex-boyfriend's name out of concern for his safety. He is also in the Osceola County jail on an unrelated drug charge, officials said.