Missouri Classmates Rally Around Teen Cited for 'Distracting' Clothing

The incident has sparked the hashtag #ClothingHasNoGender.

— -- A Missouri high school student is sparking change after feeling "very upset and embarrassed" when he said a school administrator told him the outfit he wore to school for his birthday last Friday was "distracting" and was "for women."

The student, Morgan Ball, 17, said he was wearing a white t-shirt with a black shawl over it, jeans, a fashion belt and lace gloves. He also had on jewelry and make-up.

The hashtag #ClothingHasNoGender was then started by his friends at Lee's Summit North High School to support rights of self-expression. The hashtag has also been printed on shirts and decals, which fellow students are buying to show their solidarity with Morgan.

"The support has been tremendous," Morgan's dad Jason Ball told ABC News today. "What could have been the worst birthday in his life turned into the best birthday of his life.

Morgan's mom, Cheri Ball, took to Facebook last weekend to express her concern after what happened on her son's 17th birthday.

Cheri said her son was a proud, gay, young man who "expresses himself with a fun flair for fashion," and then explained a school administrator called Morgan to his office to "address [Morgan's] appearance."

"Apparently, some students and staff members complained his outfit was 'distracting,'" Cheri wrote, "and instead of taking the opportunity to educate those individuals about Morgan's right to self-expression, she asked him to remove his beaded shrug, lace gloves and fashion belt."

"It came off homophobic, and I was very offended," Morgan said. "Those questions didn't need to be asked, especially because people know I'm very confident and comfortable with myself."

Nonetheless, he took the accessories off but decided to put them back on a little later because he wasn't violating the dress code, Morgan said. However, he said he was called a second time back to the office and because he was scared, he removed the items again.