Good Samaritans Speak Out After Rescuing Woman From Fiery Wreck

Rescuers speak to "Good Morning America" after harrowing experience.

— -- Bystanders who jumped into action to save a woman's life described the "surreal" scene after a multiple-vehicle accident trapped a motorist inside her car as it burst into flames.

The mayor of Binghamton, New York, released dashcam footage of the 10-car pileup in the hopes of finding and honoring the people who can be seen on camera rescuing the woman.

ABC News spoke exclusively with four of the men who helped save the woman's life.

The good Samaritans behind the daring rescue during the Aug. 25 accident recalled the moments when they decided to rush to an elderly woman's aide rather than stand by and watch.

Ed Staff, seen in the video wearing neon green shorts and a baseball hat, told "GMA," "It was like a demolition derby. It really was."

"It was miraculous that nobody got killed in this accident, said Chris White. "It's tough." White is pictured in the video wearing jeans and a white shirt while helping carry the woman away from the fiery scene.

"It's hard to watch," Doug Kumpon, added.

Albert Fior, in black shorts and a blue shirt told ABC, "I looked inside the car and I noticed that there was a female trying to get our attention, waving her hands frantically."

While the group of strangers worked together, struggling to get the car doors open, Kumpon said, "flames shot out from that rear quarter of the car. That was pretty scary."

With the vehicle up in flames and the woman still trapped inside, Staff jumped into action, "I run to the tractor trailer there and the driver was just getting out and he's got a fire extinguisher in his hand. So I grabbed that fire extinguisher and I run back to the car that's burning."

White said that in the heat of the moment, he knew he had to do whatever he could, "I couldn’t live just watching somebody burn to death without me putting up a fight.”

"It was a very surreal few minutes in our lives," said Kumpon, who said he doesn't believe they're heroes. He said the group "did what we had to do at the end of the day and got the job done."

But the mayor of Binghamton, Richard C. David, begs to differ saying, "You wanna know what a hero looks like? Take a look at this video and you'll see several of them in action."