Grosse Pointe Husband Allegedly Caught on Tape Ordering Hit

Investigators say they have evidence of Bashara's attempting a hit on handyman.

June 27, 2012— -- Investigators say they have video and audio of Bob Bashara attempting a hit on his former handyman, Joe Gentz, who confessed to killing Bashara's wife, Jane.

An informant worked with police in a sting operation and Bashara, 54, allegedly paid $2,000 for the hit, even signing a receipt, sources told ABC News.

But Bashara's attorney said his client was framed. "We think we have figured out who that person is who set him up," David Griem said.

Meanwhile, Rachel Gillett, who says she was once Bashara's mistress, has gone into hiding. Gillett's attorney, Doraid Elder, said her client is "very afraid" and worried that she might be Bashara's next alleged target after his arrest.

"She was happy that he was in jail but mortified when she found out why he was in jail," Elder said.

It all began in January when Jane Bashara, a marketing executive, was found strangled in the backseat of her Mercedes in a Detroit alley, hours after her husband reported her missing.

Attention quickly turned to Bob Bashara, who repeatedly broke down in tears and denied any involvement in his wife's death.

"I'm frightened about this. To know that I could spend the rest of my life in jail for a crime I didn't commit is a very scary thing," Bashara told ABC News in an interview after his wife's murder. "We had a good relationship. We cared for each other."

Gentz told police Bashara offered him money and then forced him at gunpoint to kill his wife in the garage of their home, an accusation he denies.

"I don't own a firearm," Bashara said. "I absolutely had nothing to do with this. That is a sick assessment on his part. It just shows how deranged he is."

Gentz turned himself in to authorities shortly after the discovery of Jane's body.

Bob Bashara failed a police-administered polygraph test, but passed one arranged by his attorney. He has also been accused of having a mistress and was linked to a secret S&M club located beneath his bar.