Hear 911 Call That Led to Capture of NY, NJ Bombings Suspect

"There is this guy sleeping in front of my business," the caller says.

In the call on Sept. 19, a bar owner in Linden, New Jersey, tells police: "There is this guy sleeping in front of my business, and my business is not open right now. But can you send someone?"

The operator asks if the man is breathing, and the caller says yes.

The man is "in front of the door, the main entrance door," the caller says.

"All right," the operator says, "We'll send 'em over."

Police responded to that call from the Linden bar, and the sleeping man -- identified as suspected bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami -- was taken into custody and hospitalized after a shootout with police.

The bar owner told ABC station WABC last week that "it was my gut reaction" to call the police.

Rahami has been receiving treatment at a New Jersey hospital since he was shot seven times in the shootout that occurred two days after the Sept. 17 bombings that injured 29 people. Rahami has been charged with a litany of crimes connected to the bombings, other unexploded devices and the gun fight with police.