'No Heat' Used in Grooming of Dog That Died at Virginia Store, Petco Says

Petco says its drying units do not use heat.

As ABC News reported on Monday, Marks said she dropped off 2-year-old Colby at a Petco in Midlothian, Virginia, early Friday morning and was told he'd be finished around noon. Marks said she started worrying when she didn't hear from the groomers by 1 p.m., so she called and was told to go to a local animal clinic.

Marks said she walked in and saw Colby on the vet's table with "glazed over" eyes. Marks said the Petco assistant manager told her they had given Colby a bath and he was in the drying unit when they found him.

"The groomers involved have been suspended while we complete a thorough investigation," Petco said in statement Monday night. The company also noted that "there was no heat used in the drying process during Colby's groom."

Marks said she doesn't understand how Colby's temperature was 105 degrees if heat was not used, referring to what she said the veterinarian told her after she saw Colby at an animal clinic near the Petco store in Midlothian, Virginia. The vet explained to Marks that Colby’s death was likely due to heat stroke, she said.

"Petco told me last night Colby was stressed to the point that his temperature rose, but I find that hard to believe," Marks, 51, told ABC News today, noting that Colby was in good health and had anxiety only at the groomer's.

The Chesterfield County Animal Services office is conducting the investigation of Colby's death at the store. There are no updates on the ongoing investigation, an official told ABC News, noting that they do not know when the investigation will be complete.

Marks called the situation "pure neglect" of Colby. During her conversation with a Petco representative on Monday night, she said the rep told her the groomers did not follow Petco protocol of checking on animals in the drying units every 10 minutes. But it wasn't clear from the company's statement on Monday night how the drying unit works if it does not use heat.

"It gives me peace of mind that they're looking at disciplinary actions for the groomers because it means they can't do this to any other animal," she said. "Colby was still a puppy and didn't deserve this."

Marks said the Petco representative she spoke to offered to help her find another puppy, but that she "couldn't bear the thought" of owning another dog right now.

A manager at the Midlothian, Virginia, Petco store declined comment when reached by ABC News. Petco's corporate office did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment beyond its statement.