Hilarious Video Shows Texas Police Officer Chasing Chicken on the Run

Police said the bird, who got away, is now wanted for "felony fowl evading."

— -- Have you seen this chicken?

The chicken likely belonged to someone in the area and got loose, according to Freeport Police Capt. Ray Garivey.

The chicken can be seen in the video running under a car before disappearing. The bird has not been seen since, Garivey told ABC News.

"This chicken just went missing in action," Garivey said with a laugh. "We're actively seeking a warrant for its arrest."

The police department's police chief, Dan Pennington, added that the chicken "actually literally did cross the road" during the chase.

"It ran across the street from a Church's Chicken restaurant," Pennington said. The restaurant specializes in serving fried chicken.