What Are 'Handsome' Mug Shot Guy's Real Prospects for a Modeling Career?

His face has gotten him lots of attention, but what else can it lead to?

June 27, 2014, 10:37 AM

— -- He's got the perfect pout, but can a convicted felon really make money off his good looks?

Jeremy Meeks -- known widely as the "hot mug shot guy" -- might actually have a chance in the modeling industry, but probably not a career, according to a director at one of New York's top agencies.

"I think he has an interesting look," Allen Osborne, head of the men's division at One Management, told ABC News today. "But it's not long-term."

Meeks' crystal blue eyes and chiseled jaw bone might have attracted admirers on social media after his mug shot went viral last week, but it's not enough to lure top brands like Macy's, J.Crew or Nautica, Osborne added.

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"The type of guy they use is very approachable, very friendly," Osborne said. "And he's not really that type."

That doesn't mean Meeks is entirely out of luck.

His friends have been shopping around for modeling gigs for when Meeks is out of jail -- and there's still a chance a brand could bite, despite the tear-drop tattoo.

"There are definitely urban lines that would be interested," Osborne said. "There could be some big designer that says, 'Yeah, I want to put him on the runway.'"

But that would probably just be for publicity.

"It's a flash in the pan sort of thing, where you've got a guy who has a lot of press, and for any agency that takes him, it will be press," Osborne said. "But only for a short time. It's really a big PR thing, it's sort of disingenuous to say he has a career."

"He's not going to make a living doing a thousand dollar runway show," Osborne added. "Is he going to appear in Macy's or Bloomingdale's or Lord & Taylor? No. And that's where you're going to make money."

And lest ladies forget, Meeks is a convict. Modeling agencies often have to sign agreements stating models have no criminal history.

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