Hundreds of Missing SAT Tests Force Students to Retake Them This Summer

There goes summer vacation for some Virginia students.

May 28, 2015, 11:42 AM

— -- High school students are getting ready to put their school work behind them and start summer vacation -- but hundreds of students at Loudoun County Schools in Virginia won’t be able to do that.

Some 300 SAT tests got lost in the mail and didn’t get back to College Board, according to a statement from the non-profit.

A Loudoun County School official told ABC News today that their test proctors did everything by the book, including shipping the tests using the UPS label and box that College Board provides.

Junior Chris Unger took the test on May 2 at Broad Run High School in Ashburn, Virigina.

“I think the worst part of this is College Board never officially told us our tests were lost,” the 17-year-old told ABC News. “Even an email would’ve been better than not hearing. I kept checking my online portal for scores and they never came.”

Unger said he feels “gipped” because he walked out of the test feeling confident. He spent dozens of hours studying and he said his parents paid for specialized tutoring sessions on top of the $52.50 registration fee.

Now the students have a mandatory make-up test date on June 20, the weekend after their final exams. Unger said he wasn’t sure if they had to pay another registration fee.

Loudoun County Schools regularly proctor standardized tests in their 15 high schools and a district official told ABC News this situation is “clearly an anomaly.”

Unger said he got his scores “just fine” when he took the SAT in the beginning of the year. “I wanted to use this round of scores to see if I need to take it a third time,” said Unger.

"This might mess with people who are applying to colleges for early admission,” he added.

The May 2 test scores should have been released on May 21, according to the SAT website.

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