Hurricane Harvey: What officials say to do if you're in distress

Thousands of people in Texas are in need of rescue because of Hurricane Harvey.

— -- Many residents in southeastern Texas have been stranded or left in distress after Hurricane Harvey pummeled the area with unprecedented flooding.

Here is what officials say to do if you are in need of help as a result of the storm:

Find shelter or stay home

Officials are recommending that people avoid going outdoors and into the flood waters.

"If you don't need to be out, PLEASE stay home," The Harris County Sheriff's Office warns.

'Get on the roof'

Call 911 but only in a 'life-threatening situation'

The Coast Guard issued a statement urging people in the greater Houston area to call 911, but only in an emergency.

"Do not call for rescue if you are not in a life-threatening situation. Rescue teams are prioritizing rescues by urgency," the Coast Guard advises. "If you are in need of rescue, call 911 or the U.S. Coast Guard Houston Command Center at 281-464-4851."

The Harris County Sheriff's Office made a similar request, asking people in a tweet "to please keep trying 911 for emergencies and life threatening situations."

Be careful using your generator

The office of the Texas Fire Marshal posted suggestions for people operating power generators in the after math of the flooding.

The office warns that people should only use a generator outside, keep it away from vents and windows, and allow the machinery to cool down before refueling.

'Be watchful'

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott suggested at a press conference today that people pay close attention to new advisories that may arise in the coming days, particularly in lieu of the looming threat of tornadoes.

"Texans need to constantly be watchful and hopefully have the ability to stay tuned to information about tornado warnings and watches," Abbott said at a press conference today.